Woodbine Marine

Producing New Zealands best wine labels

Our People

We are a small but efficient team of industry professionals who have worked with wine labels for more than a quarter of a century. Over this time we have developed extensive knowledge and a unique skill set that few companies can match. In essence we understand your business:

  • We know how important it is that every label is produced to a consistent high standard
  • We know why it is essential that your labels are delivered on time
  • We know why it is important that every label works hard at the point of sale
  • We understand the importance of avoiding rework situations and the need to respond quickly in a crisis
  • We understand the importance of cost in your business and the need to be competitive by buying at the best possible price.

Peter Harvey

Peter Harvey is the managing director of Woodbine Group and Woodbine Services and is the senior trustee of PR & MJ Harvey Trust - a major commercial and retail property investment and development business.

Peter has extensive experience in business management and new business start ups.

He has been an active boatie all his life and is the owner/ manager of the Woodbine Sea Doo Racing Team. Peter is a director and principal shareholder of Woodbine Marine Ltd.

Woodbine Group

Woodbine Group is a specialist print services company with interests in the retail services sector. The company is located in Auckland New Zealand with offices in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Owned by the Harvey family, Woodbine Group operates a range of major commercial and retail, property investment and development business and has been proudly servicing Auckland customers since 1985.

Woodbine is the major sponsor of the Woodbine PWC Sea Doo Racing Team.