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The Label Sure Process

There are 4 distinct phases to our quality assurance process:

1. Developing The Label

Woodbine staff will work with both you and the designer, to give professional and practical advice as to how the label can best be produced, to give the required result. We can even design your label.

We provide options on paper, foil and textures. We may also suggest options that may not have been considered by the designers, i.e. brail ink, sim foil, DNA brand protection, wine find etc.

Once the artwork is signed off, we obtain the best price from three suppliers and decide on the printer.

Having committed to a supplier, we arrange for a blank roll of about 200 die-cut labels to be sent to the bottling hall. This is to ensure that there will be no problems on the line, once in full production.

On large selling wines, we will also request that the printer provides a full colour test run of the front label. This is done at no charge to the client.

Assuming all is OK with both your Marketing and Bottling people, a time will be agreed for you to be at the Press Pass, for the first full print run.

2. Setting The Quality Control Parameters

On completion of the first print run, Woodbine arrange for a minimum of three ‘Label Spec Sheet’ documents to be completed. As well as containing a sample label, this document provides all the details about the label, i.e. paper, ink, sealer, foil etc., together with the supplier of each material. This is to ensure that no part of the specification can be changed without Woodbine and you being advised.

Sample labels from every print run are then scuff-tested under our Label Sure programme. Providing the labels meets our requirements, a copy of this test sheet is attached to the invoice.

An evaluation and compliance report is completed by Woodbine, after every print run. Any areas of potential concern are highlighted and suggestions for improvement are sent back to the printer. We request that this report be included with the job bag, so that operators can focus on areas for improvement the next time the label is printed.

3. Procedure

On receipt of your confirmed order, we retrieve the latest master artwork file and make any requested changes. We then produce a PDF image of the label and email this to you for approval.

At this time, we also produce a ‘First Advice Order’ and forward this to the printer. This advises the printer that an order is imminent, so they can book press time and confirm the required delivery date is achievable.

This process continues until all departments have signed off the label and it is stamped ‘approved ready for production’.

Woodbine then arranges all pre-press material. This is usually done with a company that is independent of the printer. Our reason for this is, that should it be necessary to change a print supplier at any time, Woodbine, on your behalf, has the ultimate control of all the pre-press files.

4. Your Assurance of Quality and Value

Label Sure is an all-encompassing quality assurance process developed by Woodbine Group and is designed to give clients the best possible labels, every time. The process starts at the winery and ends after the consumer has enjoyed the wine.

Woodbine provides a label service that cannot be matched by a single printing company. Because we are not printers, we are not limited by the capabilities of any one printer.

We are the only true specialists who can manage your total wine label production process.