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Simply Great Labels


We understand, better than most, the unique packaging needs of wineries, because we have been helping New Zealand’s leading winemakers produce great wine labels for more than 20 years.


The Silent Salesperson


In today’s highly competitive wine market, the difference between success and failure often rests with the quality and presentation of your wine label. Research indicates that more than 90% of consumers choose a wine brand based on the label. Effective labels sell more wine.


Quality and Service Guaranteed


Our proprietary quality assurance process, Label Sure, has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the wine industry.


With Label Sure, you can rest assured that your labels will consistently look better and perform better, be it on the bottling line or the retail shelf in a far-away land.


Independent Specialists


We are not printers, we are independent brokers and print management specialists who focus on producing world class wine labels. Because we are independent and use the best print suppliers for each job, we can buy more efficiently and pass the savings on to you.


High Performance Labels


Woodbine Group is an innovative and successful company, specialising in the supply of 'high performance' labels to the wine industry.


By 'high performance' we mean that every label we supply must meet a stringent set of predetermined performance criteria, that we have developed over more than 100 years of collective experience in the industry. We call this process Label Sure and the criteria includes:


Giving appropriate consideration to the point-of-purchase and end-use environments in which the finished label and package are required to perform

Understanding the unique aspects of each client’s application process

Evaluating proposed secondary packaging and the relationship this has with the primary label giving consideration to warehousing, shipping and logistics issues through to the point of consumption

Ensuring graphic design requirements and artwork have been critically assessed prior to production to optimise print process capability and finished label performance

Ensuring material specifications are suitable for the intended production process and end-use requirements

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