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We Choose the right printer for each job


Woodbine Group is a broker of print services and we focus on the supply of wine labels. Because of our independent standing, we can negotiate the best deal for clients without compromising quality or delivery standards.


Every printer has limitations and it would be rare for any one printer to be able to efficiently meet all of a wine company’s label requirements, all of the time. As a broker, we can determine the best print supplier for each job, based on the printer’s plant and equipment capabilities, the experience and expertise of their people and capacity considerations.


Collaborative Approach


As a broker, we work with all key stakeholders and we manage the entire process for you. We work with you, to understand the specific requirements of your business. We work with your designers, to ensure the initial design concept can be reproduced effectively and efficiently on a label. We offer creative solutions and where appropriate, suggest alternative ways of doing things to achieve a desired outcome.


We work with your marketing, production and supply channel personnel, to optimise each stage of the label creation and supply process. We also work with our own large network of trusted supply partners, who are each specialists in their own areas.


We project manage every job using our Label Sure Process, to ensure consistent quality and to save you time and money.

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